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Customs Broker

Customs Broker

After many years working with NZ Customs as Customs Broker, our team understands the regulations and requirements in detail and offer tariff, duty and concession consultancy as part of the service.

We have online connection with both customs and MAF departments and are proud to state that virtually all shipments are declared electronically, well before arrival into New Zealand.

We understand your need to efficiently clear imports and exports through customs and use our expertise to facilitate a smooth clearance process.

Why use Pinnacle?

We understand the requirements and regulations of NZ Customs and have online connection with both Customs and MAF deparments.

Ministry for Primary Industries

The Ministry for Primary Industries (formerly MAF) has developed, over the years, into a major border protection agency. Given New Zealand’s reliance on trade and our strong Agricultural sector, we must be vigilant to protect our country from unwanted pests and diseases.

MPIs role, along with freight forwarders, is to identify, examine and eliminate possible high-risk cargo to protect the pristine environment and agriculture of New Zealand.