international shipping

International Freight

From New Zealand to Australia, the UK, Asia, Europe or the Middle East, when it comes to international freight forwarding options, we have it covered.  […]

international sea freight

Sea Freight

New Zealand sea freight is a forever changing market and we utilise all international shipping lines calling New Zealand to ensure our customers are given all possible options. From the outset, we monitor shipments all the way and provide regular status updates right up to door delivery. […]

international air freight

Air Freight

Air freight imports and exports are regular options and our team understands that premium airfreight rates create a huge urgency around this option. With Air freight, there is no room for complacency, as in all cases the time is critical. […]

Customs Broker

After many years working with NZ Customs, our team understands the regulations and requirements in detail and offer tariff, duty and concession consultancy as part of the service. […]

Domestic Shipping

New Zealand domestic shipping is a fast growing industry and now a reliable, viable and cost efficient freight option. As a Coastal Broker we can provide containers and a service to transport cargo throughout all New Zealand ports on a port-to-port, or door-to-door basis […]

Other Services

Household & Personal Effects

Moving house, especially between countries, is an extremely stressful time and we know it. We offer a personalised international freight service which takes the worry out of your hands. We offer the best prices for professional loading of a shipping container and shipping to your destination; just package and wrap your items up and we’ll do the rest. Please make contact now for a hassle-free, no obligation quote.


As New Zealand is remote from our major trading partners in the northern hemisphere, most shipments are transhipped via other ports during transits, and as such are handled by several entities including trucking companies, ports, shipping lines and freight depots. While all of these partners work towards the safe handling of your cargo, they all have limited liability cover at the very best. Under the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 in New Zealand, carriers are limited to a liability of $1500.00NZD per piece and one container is considered one piece.

Warehousing & Distribution

Within our Auckland site, we provide a full storage and distribution service. From the picking and packing of inners or sachets to complete pallets, we can provide a complete off-site “3PL” warehousing function. This service for our clients involves an automatic stock control reports and weekly manual stock checks.